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Produced by ZonGuru's engineers as part of our Managed Services division, the Growth Audit report is a FREE, custom analysis that shows you immediate opportunities for growth & how to get there.

In it, we review your full catalog, analyze your search performance, and select a product with strong potential. From there, we deep-dive into it, evaluating the Total Available Market (TAM) and going keyword-by-keyword to reveal exactly what you should be targeting to increase revenue. Get in-depth insights into your current sales potential, pricing strategy, the competition, and more.

Simply fill out the form! The Growth Audit and Managed Service are available to well-established Amazon brands only. Based on your submission, you may be given the option to book a short, 15-minute call with a member of our team.

On this call, we’ll introduce you to ZonGuru Managed Services (called project TilStar) and get a few more details needed to run the Growth Audit report. If you qualify, we’ll book time for you to review the results and true revenue potential directly with CEO, Jon Tilley.

Some brands discover that working directly with ZonGuru can grow their sales by more than 5x – be prepared to be blown away!

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Our Methods

Deep Audit

We perform deep audits to identify opportunities across your current product lines. We evaluate your product's listings, keywords, sales, profits, comparing them with your niche standards and best practices.

Numbers-Driven Approach
Data guides our decision-making. Not the other way around. PPC and SEO optimization implemented to maximize sales and profits, driven by managing TACOS, ACOS and organic rank
Systematic Competitive Context
We analyze your competitors in detail and provide relevant recommendations. We help you gain an edge over them by tracking and comparing their performance on Amazon.
Monthly/Weekly Performance Reporting
Constant review to ensure account maximization. We provide monthly and weekly reporting at the category, niche, and ASIN level, as well as account performance, key opportunity analysis, events and activity tracking

Client Success

Our portfolio is a testament to our ability to transform challenges into opportunities. Join us and see how we help brands like yours achieve unprecedented market leadership on Amazon.

Within 3 months, TimberCraft’s Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) was successfully lowered by 33% across their business. Despite market challenges, they achieved a notable increase in sales, partially mitigating the impact of low-cost competition.
Luxhaus achieved an impressive +30% increase in gross revenue, directly ascribable to the fine-tuned advertising initiatives. Even more impressive, this revenue growth was attained while successfully sustaining a stable Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS), ensuring optimized profitability during this critical Q1 sales period.
SPLENDR successfully launched two products that rapidly gained positive reviews and stable sales. Due to Tilstar’s research, the products achieved first-page rankings for 80% of targeted keywords in just two months, boosting organic traffic by 25%. This led to a 35% improvement in ROI.

Ready to grow in 2024? Access ZonGuru Managed Services + a FREE Growth Audit!

Unleash the power of ZonGuru's Amazon seller-strategists and engineers to maximize your profitable growth. See if you qualify for Managed Services today.

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